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October 31, 2013

In an interview with Orlando Weekly, Brian Dawe opened up about the romance, now that it's public knowledge: "Well, you know, its something I never expected to be brought into. Me and her were dating quietly for a few months. I wasnt really expecting for it to come out." "I mean, I didnt know when it would come out, or if it would, so it caught me by surprise. But I knew it was a big ordeal when people started calling my moms house." As http://empower.ning.com/profiles/blogs/buckeey-from-the-tang-of-love-disappears for how he perceives the controversial Farrah Abraham herself? "I think a lot of people give her a bad rap ," he tells the publication.
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Bethenny Frankel dresses up in candy after bitter clashes with guests Farrah Abraham and Omarosa | http://www.purevolume.com/mckenzieeuei/posts/4891565/Farrah+Abraham+Flaunts+Bikini+Body%2C+New+Pics+Pop+Up+While+She%27s+In+Rehab Mail Online

You demeanour during a lot of immature people in a spotlight during a really immature age, from Miley Cyrus to Britney Spears to even Justin Bieber, they act out & have to understanding with this. Theres this enlightenment of exploiting immature people. And it needs to change. Wow. Actual thought-provoking things from Brian Dawe! If we saw Farrahs interview on Bethenny , we would not accurately brace this man for her boyfriend. Just saying.
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'There are no words to describe it,' Frankel tweeted about the episode. Farrah Abraham admits to waxing 4-year-old daughter's eyebrows And last week, Bethenny had a heated interview with Teen Mom starlet Farrah Abraham, who was offended that she asked her why she waxed her four-year-old daughter's eyebrows The brunette host will reportedly continue her 'brutal' divorce and custody battle with the 41-year-old businessman in court December. Bethenny is seeking sole physical custody of the three-year-old whereas Jason wants joint custody and child support. However, there is some good news as it appears as if Bethennys romance with Warren Lichtenstein is heating up.
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