Greek Judge Bans Investigative Tv Show

February 16, 2014

PHOTO: The luxurious, $20,000 per night Tsar Suite at the Hotel Astoria has views over St. Issacs square in St. Petersburg, Russia at the heart <a href=\Kendra sex tape of the citys fashionable Admiralteysky District." src="" style="float:left;padding:5px" /> Judge Antigoni Stamoleka warned Mega TV of "severe legal sanctions" if it broadcasts the report or even continues to screen advertising spots for it before her investigation is concluded. Mega TV said the order was an unacceptable act of censorship, and insisted it would complete and air the report as planned during next week's episode of the popular "Protagonists" show. "It would be a sad state of affairs if journalists had to secure judges' permission to investigate a story," said reporter Stavros Theodorakis, who presents "Protagonists." The Jan. 20 sinking of a boat trying to smuggle immigrants into Greece from the nearby Turkish coast left six dead and another six presumed drowned near Farmakonissi islet in the eastern Aegean Sea. The vessel was under tow by a coast guard speedboat. Survivors accused officials of trying to illegally return them to Turkish waters and botching the rescue effort both which Kendra Wilkinson sex tape the Greek government denies. The European Union and international rights groups called for an independent investigation. The order by Stamoleka, who is based on the Aegean Sea island of Kos, near Farmakonissi, came a day after international press watchdog Reporters Without Borders dropped Greece 14 notches in its 2014 global press freedom index, which Finland leads. Economically depressed Greece now ranks 99th among 180 countries.

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